Can’t Find the Time For Quality Time in Your Relationship?

Quality time is what keeps our relationships healthy. Quality time keeps us connected to our partner. What if your relationship has no time for quality time? When we are busy with kids, careers, bills, house repairs and house work, we may have very little time left. Quality time should be a priority, but it often is low on the priority list. The relationship we have as a couple needs quality time to maintain it. Sure, you can be partners in household chores and paying the bills. You can share parental responsibilities. You could even have a business together.

But those relationships are as room mates, parents, and financial and business partners. Those relationships may be working for you both. But, without quality time going in to a romantic relationship, that relationship ceases to exist. Without that relationship working, all the others eventually fall apart. The main relationship, the one that keeps all the others functioning smoothly is the romantic relationship. Quality time gives us a way to keep from drifting apart. Quality time gives us a chance to remind us and the one we love why you are still together. All work and no play makes everyone unhappy in the end. Just because you can watch television together doesn’t keep you close together.

There are simple ways to create quality time. Dinner for example. It doesn’t matter if you have children either. Create a rule that while the kids, if they are old enough, clean up the table and do the dishes, Mom and dad remain seated and take time to talk.  if the children are not old enough then make the time, even if it is 30 min to talk after they are asleep. Mom and Dad can clean up the table and do the dishes together and talk while doing it. You don’t have to go out to a restaurant without the kids if you can’t. You can create quality time at any time, if you put in the effort.

Quality time keeps the romantic spark in your relationship from dying out. If you are having trouble with your relationship, you probably don’t spend enough quality time with each other. Quality time won’t solve all the problems in a relationship, but it helps to not create new ones. How many times have you heard of people splitting up because they grew apart? You know how that happened? Zero quality time spent together, that is how.

Can't Find the Time For Quality Time in Your Relationship?

Can’t Find the Time For Quality Time in Your Relationship?

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