Has Your Soul Mate Stopped Being Nice to You?

Has your soul mate stopped being nice to you? Has your soul mate gone from a loving, caring partner to one you barely recognize? What could have caused your soul mate to stop being nice to you? We are sure you have racked you brain to think of anything you may have done or said to cause this change in your soul mate. Have you really done anything worthy of this sudden change in them? Probably not.

Even if you did do something small, it should not have had such dire consequences and caused such an about-face in their behavior towards you. So what could it be? Surely soul mates don’t change on a dime like this without a good reason, right? Wrong. Soul mates can and will stop being nice, but not for a good reason, usually it is for a very stupid one.

Your soul mate may have stopped being nice because they are trying to deny the connection between the two of you. They got in over their head and are overwhelmed by their feelings so they stop being nice. It is a lame excuse, so don’t feel too bad for them ok? Your soul mate may also feel the pressure to create change that they are afraid to do.

Has Your Soul Mate Stopped Being Nice to You?

Has Your Soul Mate Stopped Being Nice to You?

Your soul mate may have been thinking about your future and how one of you may have to move, change jobs, or exit another relationship. The fear of that, and the resistance to that change can make them decide to take it out on you instead. If they fight with you, they have an excuse not to make the change, or at the very least, it delays them from having to make changes. Again, a lame excuse, don’t feel bad for them.

Another reason they may have stopped being nice revolves around control. Because they cannot control their feelings for you, they try to control you. They want the upper hand, they want to call the shots in the relationship so at least they can have control over something. This excuse is stupid too.

One of the most popular reasons soul mates stop being nice is that it no longer seems to be required. When one allows the other to constantly and continually get away with murder, they simply stop being nice all together. When you enable someone to treat you badly and get away with it, you will get a soul mate that is no longer nice to you. You don’t get prince charming at the end.

You didn’t create or enforce healthy boundaries, you didn’t demand respect, so now you have a dysfunctional soul mate relationship. Once you have allowed your soul mate to establish patterns, it is going to be harder to get them to go back to what they were like before. You allowed the change to stick, and now you are stuck with a changed soul mate until you let them know, consistently, that they better change back.

If your soul mate has stopped being nice to you, take a deep breathe and think. Did you do anything to truly, really deserve this? If the answer is no, you have to be nice to yourself, and to your soul mate relationship and stand up for yourself and the relationship. Do not give them permission to destroy your relationship. Do not be passive and all sweetness and light. Be prepared to fight for this relationship you want, and be prepared to do the work it takes to get it back to where it was before your soul mate stopped being nice to you.

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