Signs: What the universe is trying to tell you

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Signs: What is the universe really trying to tell you?

Have you really taken a good look at the signs the universe has tried to bring to your attention? Have you paid attention to those signs from the universe? People pray for a sign, any sign, to confirm that they are on the right path. They ask for signs to let them know what decision to make or what is the right thing to do? In their darkest hour, people often beg for a sign that things will get better. Sometimes signs come, and sometimes they don’t. Some people don’t see the signs set before them and choose instead to ignore them. Others find their signs wherever they can.

But what is the universe really trying to tell you? Not only is recognizing signs important, but interpreting them is too, and sometimes even more so. Which sign is the more important one, that you heard your loves favorite song on the radio today, or that the universe (God, Allah, Buddah, etc) showed evidence of his infidelity? You keep seeing his name on billboards or see a similar car on the free but can’t see the signs that he won’ t leave his wife. Can you dismiss some signs while clinging to others? Are they both important or is one more important than the other? Are you missing some signs in your life that are as big as billboards that everyone else can see them but you?Are you so convinced your relationship may not work out, or that your career is going to tank that you cant see the universe is showing you signs that indicate the opposite? Are you refusing to acknowledge the red flags before you from the universe and instead try to convince yourself everything is wonderful? It doesn’t matter that your grandmothers have the same first name or birthday. It does matter if he treats you with respect and values you in your relationship with him.

As a non-judgemental psychic readers, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can help you to see the signs that you need to so you can take the help or confirmation that the universe is offering you. We can help assist you and guide you on the path the universe is pointing out for you. You can get your confidential phone psychic reading or tarot reading on love, work, job, finances or spiritual growth with one of our expert psychic advisors though the Click4Advisor or Ether services.

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