Trying Again With an Ex: Just Say No

It is difficult for some people to refuse trying again with an ex. When many relationships end, people tend to focus on the good times. They remember the very beginning of the relationship, when everything was perfect. Many people forget, or tone done, the actual reasons the relationship ended, instead wondering what could have been.

Trying Again With an Ex

Trying Again With an Ex


Since no one can rewrite history, they want a chance a write the future. But will the story have a happy ending if they try again with an ex? Or will the future be a sad story? It depends. In this article we want to help those contemplating whether or not trying again with an ex could be the best decision for them. Instead of covering the reasons to get back together, we will focus on reasons an ex should remain an ex.


Top 5 Reasons Trying Again with an Ex is Not a Good Idea


1. Getting back together with an ex is coming from a place of fantasy, not reality. The reality is that your relationship had good times and bad times. It would be a major mistake to focus on the good times, because that is not a good reason to get back together. The bad times are what should count most in your decision. Were those bad times because of incompatibility issues? If you are not compatible, that is not going to change. It means you are not right for each other. If you broke up during times of heavy stress from outside influences, that is something different. Stress is a part of life, but you can change how you both handle the stress if you address it properly. You can change how you handle things, but not who you are. If the problems in your relationship can be fixed by both of you working on them will allow you to see the reality of your relationship’s future prognosis.


2. Getting out of another relationship is not a good reason to reunite with your ex. So many people are faced with fear and loneliness after a relationship ends that they make truly bad decisions. Instead of moving forward and finding someone new they do the opposite. They look up old relationships that didn’t work out and try to start something up with them again. There are billions of people on earth, you aren’t limited to a number of people to go out with. Sometimes an ex should stay and ex. Being lonely or afraid is not a reason to try again with an ex.


3. Being in an on/off relationship with someone else should not be used as a reason to get back together with your ex. You are only going to break up again. Getting back together isn’t the problem, so trying again with an ex won’t fix the problem. You keep breaking up all the time, and that won’t be fixed by trying again. You already did that enough times and it didn’t work.


4. If you are not looking forward to joining the dating pool, trying again with an ex is still a bad idea. It is scary to meet new people and put yourself out there. It may seem easier, safer, or any other excuse you can think of to fall back on an ex. However, this is never a good reason to try again with an ex.


5. Our final reason trying again with an ex is a bad idea is because you may not like what each other did while broken up. What you are used to is not always what is best for you. Instead of settling, be brave and go out and find what is best for you and what you deserve.


Before you choose trying again with your ex, take the time to think if it is really a wise choice.

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