10 Red Flags in Relationships

There are red flags in relationships that should never be ignored. These red flags can be indicators that your relationship could be dysfunctional. These red flags in relationships can be warnings of worse things to come that can ultimately end your relationship. Keep your eyes open for your red flags in relationships such as:

1. The first red flag is when it is all about them, never about you. If you are the one who is always keeping the relationship going, this is a major red flag. You should not be the only one to fix every problem in your relationship. You should not be the one to always back down, apologize or say “I’m sorry”. If you are constantly putting your needs last and your partners first (yet they never do it for you) your relationship is one sided.

2. Failure to communicate. If you have to stop yourself from expressing your feelings, thoughts or emotions to your partner, this is a major red flag. If your partner will not share their thoughts, emotions or feelings with you, same thing. If you find yourself arguing about the same things without resolution but plenty of destruction, again, this is a major red flag.

3. Isolation is another red flag. Of course at the beginning of a relationship, couples like to spend time alone. The problem begins when you never spend time without one another. If you cannot spend time with your family or friends without your partner pitching a fit, this is a major red flag. Don’t take it as a compliment, take it as a warning of more controlling behavior to come.

4. Lack of responsibility. If your partner takes zero responsibility and makes you accept 100% this is a major red flag. You should not be responsible for every problem in the relationship. People like this will never change and get better until they accept responsibility for their mistakes. You are also not responsible for paying someone elses bills, entertaining them, or making them happy all the time either. This kind of immaturity is a major relationship red flag.

relationship red flags

Top 10 Red Flags in Relationships

5.  Drama king/Drama Queen behaviors are more red flags in relationships. Being with a drama king or queen has more emotional ups and downs than a roller coaster. (But without the thrill and fun). Drama Kings and Queens love drama, and if you don’t, pay attention to this red flag and run for your life.

6.  When someone says one thing, but their behavior says another, it is another red flag. If someone’s words and actions do not match, their words don’t mean squat. The words they are using are meaningless and meant to trick you. Pay more attention to their actions than their words to see how they really feel about you and your relationship.

7.  When many important people in your life do not like your partner for similar reasons, consider this red flags in relationships. Unless everyone in your life prior to this relationship has made you miserable and mistreated you, pay some attention to what those closest to you see in the person you love. They are not wearing rose colored glasses, YOU ARE.

8.   There is no closure or proper boundaries set on their old relationship. If someone has not dealt with a previous relationship, it will cause numerous problems going forward. If respectful boundaries are not placed on past relationships, disrespect in placed on current relationships. Period, end of conversation. No one should let an ex control their present relationship, and no one should expect their current partner to be disrespected by their ex. Problems or lack of closure with an ex is a common red flag.

9.  Feeling insecure, lonely, depressed and/or disappointed all the time. if your chasing happiness in your relationship, it is because you don’t have it. Of course we can’t always feel happy and fulfilled in our relationships. It becomes a big red flag if you wind up feeling more negative in your relationship than you do positive.

10.  A lack of trust by you or your partner is another red flag. Sometimes relationships have a lack of trust for good reason, and some for none at all. Either way, a relationship needs trust as a foundation, and without it most likely will collapse in time.

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