Ex Not Acting Like An Ex?

When your ex has blurred the lines between being an ex and being back together, you may need to take over the reins yourself.  First, you need to take the control out of your ex’s hands and decide what it truly is that you want from your ex at this point in time. Do you want to get back together with a past love, and if so, why? Don’t just go with the generic “because I still love my ex” excuse. Rationally and realistically look at your past relationship and decide if there truly is a future for the both of you.  Can you see a happy future and want another chance with your ex? If so, then by all means remain open to that possibility for right now. Without a consultation with a psychic life coach you may not know when the time is right to throw in the towel. You may not know why your ex  won’t let go of you completely. If you want to reconnect with your past love, you may see their blurring of the boundaries between ex and back together as a good sign. You may want to believe that since they are not acting like an ex, they may not want to be one. You may think it is just a matter of time before they give you the relationship you want with them instead of this relationship limbo you are in.  That may not be the case though, no matter what your hopes are.

Ex not acting like an ex? Ask our psychic life coaches why your ex is not acti

Ex not acting like an ex? Ask our psychic life coaches why your ex is not acting like an ex!

Your ex is the one blurring the lines between being with you in a committed relationship and being in relationship limbo. Since they have created this status, they defined it, and in cases like this you really need to know why they are doing it. The possibilities are endless, and are not always favorable for those who are looking for a chance to reunite with an ex. Sometimes a clean break is difficult for people, and instead of doing this they create a relationship limbo status to slowly wean themselves out of a relationship. Sometimes people no longer want the commitment of a relationship yet still want the comfort, company, sex and other fringe benefits of being  in a relationship and often use their ex’s to have their cake and eat it to. They have freedom, yet keep you locked in relationship limbo and wont release you with closure. If you have found yourself in a place that is hard to define, with  no clear boundaries, labels, or definition, consult Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise and find out why they are choosing not to act like an ex, and what their motives are for doing so. Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah are both certified life coaches and professional psychic readers.

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