Is he a player: Is he playing you?

Is He a Player? Is He Playing YOU?

Is He a Player? Is He Playing YOU?

Is he a player? Is he playing your? If you encountered a man who seems to know just the right thing to say, at just the right time, he may be a player. If the guy you met seems too good to be true, and your instincts are telling you something is not quite right, he may be a player. Before you find yourself betting played by a player and getting your heart broken, it may be a good time to speak with a psychic life coach.

How do you know what kind of game he is even playing? People that do not like to play games or don’t play games have a hard time spotting players for what they are. It is hard to recognize a game when you don’t play them. Sarah and Sophia will reveal if the man you are falling for is for real, or if he is just playing a game to get what he wants from you.

Players are like professional romancers, they have a unique ability to size-up a woman and know just how to pull at her heartstrings. Like any good con man, they will do all the right things, say all the right things, and put in time and effort to get you to let your guard down.

Most women do not know that players will put in time and effort, because the harder the chase, the greater the reward. Players love a challenge, and the more you resist, the more they want to win the game.

A psychic life coach can tell you if a guy you know is really interested in you for you and if he really means all the things he is saying. You may logically know better, but the more he tries, the weaker you are becoming. When you start developing feelings for a player, your brain takes a nap and your emotions take over. Your mind may have caught him in lies, but your heart is making excuses for him. Once you are hooked on a player, you are in danger of getting your heart broken and feeling disappointed and foolish.

Love and relationships life coaches Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can give you a personalized online tarot reading and warn you, before it is too late, if you are in danger of being played. No one wants to feel foolish for giving the wrong person their heart, and being the victim of a player. A psychic life coach is your best defense against these predatory men that just see it as a game to be won, and have very little (if any) remorse of guilt for hurting or using you. There may be ways to beat player at his own game and play him. You may be able to play a little game of your own and get him to fall for you, instead of the other way around. A relationship psychic reading reading digs deep into the mind and feelings of the player, and will tell you his vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and everything you want to know about him that he won’t tell you.

Sometimes players disappear out of the blue. You may meet a guy where everything seems to be going great, and he is attentive, expresses emotion, and really has shown an interest in pursuing you. Then, suddenly, he stops calling. He just ends it, out of the blue, and the reason (if he gives one) makes no real sense to you. THIS could be the sign of a player. Many women stay stuck on relationships that seemed to have such potential, and they felt a real connection, but in reality, this was how the player plays his game. Was he a player? A psychic life coach can tell you the real reason he ended it, and if it was, in actuality just a game.

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