Is He Coming Back Or Is He Gone For Good? Will He Come Back?

When a  relationship ends but feelings are still present you want to know is he coming back or if he is truly gone for good. Before you move on you really need to let go of the hope that he will come back to you or you may find yourself in limbo. You may be unsure if the breakup you had or the fight you had really ended your relationship permanently. The fight you had may have been a really bad one, and you think about all the bad things he said, all the hurtful things you said and are convinced there is no way he is coming back. You are emotionally involved in the situation and not able to read him properly. Wanting him to come back and the actuality of him coming back are two different things. A phone psychic reading with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can bring clarity as to whether this is an actual break up, or just a fight that got out of control. If you want to know Is he coming back, just ask a psychic life coach.

What if he had an affair or left you for another woman? He may be telling you right now he wants a divorce and may even have moved out. But that is what he is saying and doing at the moment. What if he changes his mind down the road, miss you, and he suddenly decides he is coming back? Is it his present anger talking right now and will he calm down and see things differently? Is his excitement for the new person in his life sort lived? He may be telling you right now there is no way he is EVER coming back, but it is true?  Not every client is going to get the answer they want or hope for when they ask : Is he coming back? Please understand that a psychic life coach gives you what you need to know to get you to move forward, not keep you stuck in unrealistic fantasies. Some of you may have to learn to let go, and some of you may need the strength to hang in there.


Is he coming back or is he gone for good?

He may have told you he moved on from his ex, and told you terrible things about her. He spent a lot of energy making you believe he would never go back to her, and since things were going so great for the two of you, you felt secure. Now you find out he went back to his ex and you are stunned. You may feel confident that it won’t work out between then but do not know if he is coming back to you. Phone psychic readings can tell you if and when he coming back but also if he will stay. You should not want to be with a man who is going to go back and forth between you and his ex like a ping pong ball. You may be willing to forgive him once, but not over and over again. A psychic life coach can tell you if this mistake was a one time deal that gave him closure with his ex, or if it is going to be a repeat pattern with him.

A phone psychic reading gives you the reassurance you need, offers the truth you need to see, and the insight required for you to make the best decisions that will help to empower you.

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