Taken For Granted: Are You Being Taken For Granted?


Do you feel you are being taken for granted in your love life, with your family or at work? Are you taking anyone in your life for granted? All of us at one point or another are taken for granted or take someone else for granted. It is not a good feeling when it happens to us, and it is not a smart or positive thing to do to other people. When we feel taken for granted or taken advantage of, it breaks our spirit. The good things we do now take on the negative because instead of feeling good about the good we are doing, it makes us feel angry and bad.


An employee may feel they are taken for granted by their boss and that they get no credit for the good or extra work they do. They may feel their boss compliments those not doing as good of a job instead of them. The employee begins to feel worthless, and loses the drive to take initiative and put forth their best efforts because it is no longer appreciated. The employee will usually wind up looking for another job.  When we do not feel appreciated and instead feel ignored or taken for granted, we only put up with it for so long before we find somewhere else to apply our efforts. This holds true with relationships, jobs, you name it. It is only a matter of time before those that are taken for granted have had enough.

Being taken for  granted or taking others for granted?

Being taken for granted or taking others for granted?





A wife and mother may multi-task all day long and go above and beyond to make sure the household is running smoothly and her children and husband are happy and all their needs and desires are met. The problem is that unless the family really appreciates and understands what it is she does all day they often take on an attitude that that is either her job, or that it is a piece of cake. She makes it look so easy so therefore it MUST be easy. Wrong. Eventually instead of feeling good about what she is doing she feels like a doormat.  Why, if you appreciate what someone does for you do you not want them to feel good about what they do for you?

Being taken for granted in love relationships is a big problem. Most people do not even realize they are doing it. When the party being taken for granted has had enough and the damage done too much they often leave the relationship or begin an affair outside the relationship. They are no longer happy and feel taken advantage of.


If your relationship has left you feeling taken for granted our psychic life coaches can reveal what steps can be taken to get all you do the credit it deserves. Our psychic life coaches Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can show you ways to get the one you love to be thankful and remind them of what they have before it is too late. A  relationship psychic reading can get your husband, wife, girlfriend, employer, friend, boyfriend or family member to see you in a different light. You may have to change some of your ways to get them to change their outlook, and a relationship psychic reading will explain what the best course of action is to achieve this goal. A relationship psychic reading can also reveal if the one you love feels that you are taking them for granted! Don’t you want to know before it is too late? Don’t you want to prevent a break-up, divorce, or affair if you can? Don’t take for granted that the person you are taking advantage of and giving credit to eventually bails on you. Don’t wait for them  to walk out of your life with no chance of coming back. Why not call one of our psychic life coaches and get your own psychic relationship reading that can help you to be taken seriously, rather than taken for granted, and to give credit where credit is due to others.



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