Treated Like a Doormat: Stop Being Treated Like A Doormat

Why are you being treated like a doormat by other people? Why are you allowing yourself to be treated like a doormat in your relationships? Most people try to abide by the golden rule, where we do unto others and we would have them do unto us. We make an attempt to be kind, giving, and compassionate, treating people the way they want to be treated. Hoping they will do the same. Unfortunately, being a nice person will not ensure that others do not treat us as a doormat. They will manipulate and take advantage of if they can. But it is because we allow it, we allow others to treat us poorly because in truth that is how we see ourselves. So, when we see ourselves as unworthy or unlovable, that is exactly how others will see us – and treat us. If we do not love ourselves, neither will anybody else.

By defining our relationships we also define ourselves, and how we are treated in those relationships. Have you ever said to yourself¬† “I treat ___ so great but they treat me horribly”. Our question to you is, Why in the hell are you bothering to be so great to ____? Why do you feel the need to be kind to those who treat you poorly? Why do you let them get away with it? Most of the time the answers we hear are “Because I am a nice person, and I like to treat everyone nice and with respect”. Oh yeah? Well what about YOURSELF?? What about your self-respect? When did that go out the window?

Tired of Being Treated Like A Doormat in Your Relationships?

Tired of Being Treated Like A Doormat in Your Relationships?

The nicer you are to yourself, the more you have to give to others, and with the niceness you receive in return, the more positive energy you have to give!  It all starts and stops with YOU.

It’s time to examine the relationships in your life and see what they say about YOU.

Are your kids out of control and treating you disrespectfully? If they are, then YOU are not in control of your kids and are disrespected. Do you want to define yourself that way?

Is your love relationship one where your needs are never met but you are constantly giving and giving and giving? Then you would have to define yourself once again as someone who is not appreciated, and giving to the wrong person.

Is your boss or superior constantly criticizing your work and letting other people slide, and promoting people that don’t deserve it when you do? You may define yourself as a hard worker, but your boss doesn’t. It is time to change how you define yourself and how others see you. We are not telling you to treat people badly, that is NOT the message here. What we want you to learn is how to treat yourself better, and how to get others to treat you better as well. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

Call us today so we can help you redefine your life, your relationships, and your self-image and stop being the doormat. Let us help you find and redefine your self-respect so you can start loving yourself.

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