10 Signs Your Relationship is Dysfunctional

How can you tell if your relationship is dysfunctional? We have comprised a list of 10 signs that your relationship may be dysfunctional to help people recognize the reality of their relationships.

1. A sure sign your relationship is dysfunctional is abuse. Verbal,mental,physical, emotional or financial. Abuse is abuse, and any abuse is a clear indicator that your relationship is dysfunctional.

2. When your relationship revolves around only one of you, not the both of you, your relationship is dysfunctional. When it only matters what one of you wants or needs and what only one of you says and feels is important, that is an important sign your relationship is dysfunctional. Both partners need attention, affection, and importance in a relationship to make it work and for both to feel loved and appreciated.

3. If only one of you stays within the boundaries of a healthy relationship, your relationship is dysfunctional. When you blur the lines or the lines are crossed, a healthy relationship can turn toxic and dysfunctional in no time flat.

signs of dysfunctional relationship

10 Signs Your Relationship is Dysfunctional

4. If you cannot communicate and resolve issues in a productive, not destructive way, your relationship may be dysfunctional. If you have to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself because you are afraid of expressing them, your relationship may be dysfunctional and you need to work on your communication.

5. If you can’t be yourself and feel you have to dress, act, feel or behave the way your partner wants you to, your relationship is a dysfunctional one. If you can’t be yourself, you can’t truly be happy. You should be loved for who you are, not for what someone wants you to be. If you can accept your partner as is, they should accept you the same way.

6. If every little disagreement becomes a huge argument, or every misunderstand leads to yet another break up or threat of a breakup, your relationship is dysfunctional. All couples disagree and have spats, but if they only escalate and never diffuse or reach a level of understanding, there is indeed a bigger problem here.

7. If you have to pay someone’s bills or support them financially because if you don’t they will end the relationship, you are definitely in a dysfunctional relationship. You can’t buy love, and you can’t buy a healthy relationship either. If you are buying a relationship, 50 bucks says it is a dysfunctional one. Relationships are built on love, respect and compassion, not dollars.

8. Childish behavior and drama showing up constantly in your relationship is a good indicator that your relationship is dysfunctional. Drama is for kids, and so is childishness in relationships. It is time to grow up and act like a grown up in your relationships. Without maturity in your relationship, all you will have is over the top immaturity.

9. Healthy relationships have a foundation built on love. Dysfunctional relationships are built on a foundation of fear. Insecurity, jealousy, and many other negative emotions and issues destroy relationships over time. They take the love out of relationships and replace it with fear.

10. If you keep breaking up and getting back together or keep changing the status of your relationship, your relationship is dysfunctional. If you keep going 1 step forward only to go 2 steps back, you are getting no where and neither is your relationship.

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