Change for the Better or Change for the Worst?

Change is inevitable because nothing stays the same. many people hold on in the hopes of things changing for the better but sometimes things change for the worse. Relationships that start out bad have a slim chance of changing for the better all by themselves. Quite often it is the opposite, and these relationships go downhill very quickly. Some relationship changes we have no control over. The universe or outside influences can affect our relationships in both bad ways and good ways. Because of this, many people feel powerless and out of control when it comes to relationships. The truth is, although we cannot control all changes that occur in our lives or relationships, we should always take control of what we can.


change for the better

Change for the Better or Change for the Worst

Don’t have the mindset that you must wait for change to happen and that there is nothing else you can do. Look for ways that you can make more positive changes yourself. If you are waiting for your partner to make changes and are getting frustrated, maybe it is time you looked within. If you are upset that they won’t change, and keep doing the same thing, take a look at yourself. Have you begged, pleaded, threatened, and talked about changing your relationship with your partner? The question really is have you changed your behavior, actions and words towards them? It make be that you have to change first, before your partner will.


A relationship, even one that seems one sided, is a dynamic built between two people. One person did not create it alone, it took two people. Look at the part you have played in the part of your relationship that you wish to change. It is time you changed your role, don’t you think? If you play the same role over and over, have can you expect change to occur? There is always something we can do to create change.
If you really examine your relationship, you should be able to discover what brought about change for the worse. It won’t be just one thing. Some may be major, some may be minor, but they all play a role in the end. It will be the same thing when a relationship changes for the better. It won’t be just one thing involving one partner. It will be numerous actions, words, and behaviors that create their own positive snowball affect. Psychics Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are relationship psychics, and can help you look into the intricacies of your relationship. They can help you pinpoint where the problems lie, and if it is possible, set you on a path toward creating change for the better, and not change for the worse.

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