Emotionally Unavailable Men with Emotionally Available Women

Emotionally unavailable men are very difficult to be with. You may be emotionally available to him but he  is emotionally unavailable to you. A relationship like this can be quite challenging.  This situation happens quite a bit when it comes to matters of the heart. When one we love is emotionally unavailable what can be done about it?
  1. Emotionally unavailable men come and go as they please. They provide little or no explanation of where they were when they were gone. They act as though you have no right to be upset when you heard nothing from them.
  2. Emotionally unavailable men refuse to discuss his feelings for you and gets uncomfortable when you talk about yours.
  3. Emotionally unavailable men do not date you or have a normal relationship with you. They do not want to meet your friends or family. An emotionally unavailable man generally will not ask about you and your life.
  4. Emotionally unavailable men are either secretly still in love with their exes or totally up-front with you about it.
  5. Emotionally unavailable men are in a relationship but flip-flop back and forth between saying how unhappy he is, to defending it.
Emotionally Unavailable Men are Unavailable For a Real Relationship

Emotionally Unavailable Men are Unavailable For a Real Relationship

There are many scenarios for emotionally unavailable men:

  1. You do not go anywhere or do anything, it is just about sex.
  2. He is separated but not divorced, or recently got divorced.
  3. An emotionally unavailable man is your friend, but does not want anything more than friendship.
All of these scenarios can be devastating to the women and men involved in them. A phone psychic reading with Sarah and Sophia can reveal if your specific situation is ever going to change for the better. You cannot help how you feel and cannot choose who you fall it in love with. You can, however, accept that who you love may not love you in return.
Sometimes the relationships we want to work out the most, don’t.  Not all emotionally unavailable men will stay that way. Will the one you love ever be emotionally available to you? Is there any way you can help create that change? A consultation with psychic life coaches Sarah and Sophia is an investment in your future happiness. You want things to change. You want things to be different. You have tried everything you can think of and have gotten nowhere. Why not try a phone psychic reading with us? Get personalized guidance on how to get your emotionally unavailable man to open up to you. The insight you receive from your phone psychic reading can help you assess just how emotionally unavailable he or she is, and if it is a lost cause. You will get tools and tips tailor-made to fit your situation that, if possible, will garner the most positive result.

Life is too short to waste on an emotionally unavailable man. Arrange a phone psychic reading with us today and find out how to fix it, or end it, so you can move forward and be happy.

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