Ex-Husbands and Soulmates

Ex-husbands can make a soulmate relationship more difficult than it has to be. If your soulmate has an ex husband looking to make problems, rest assured that some of their efforts may affect the two of you in a negative way. It would be nice, if when people divorced, they could do so amicably. It would be wonderful if the past could remain in the past without grudges, blame or hatred. Especially if there are children involved. Sadly, that is not the norm.

Ex-Husbands and Soulmates

Ex-Husbands and Soulmates

Depending on how your soul mate’s ex-husband feels about her (and about your relationship) will dictate their behavior towards both of you. If your soul mate’s ex-husband has also moved on to a relationship that makes him happy, that may make for better interactions going forward. When an ex-husband has not gotten closure on his relationship, they may create every opportunity they can to plot their revenge. This doesn’t really get them anywhere, it just fuels their negativity instead of helping them get to a place of closure. It also can bring a lot of negativity into your soul mate relationship if you are not careful.

Child custody issues and financial support are two areas where a soul mate’s ex-husband tries to cause trouble. It will be hard for your soul mate to be consistently loving and good-natured around you while she is fighting her ex-husband in court. We are not giving her an excuse, we are just saying it is difficult not to let stressful situations affect you and the ones you love. The financial strain of fighting an ex-husband in court is another way they can bring undue stress into your soulmate relationship. Money and finances are one of the top issues couples fight about. If your soulmate’s ex-husband is causing tension because money is becoming very tight, it will be hard to keep the tension from the relationship itself. The important thing to remember is that if the two of you keep a team mentality and are supportive of one another, her ex- husband is powerless. Getting through rough times together, instead of letting them tear you apart, makes the couple so much stronger. A soulmate couple can actually grow closer if they lean on one another and offer one another support.

Are you jealous of your soulmate’s ex-husband? Has your soulmate given you any reason to be jealous of her ex-husband? Could you be jealous of your soulmate’s ex-husband because of your own issues? If your soulmate has done something or said something to make you feel jealous of her ex, then talk it out. Talk it out calmly and to reach an understanding with each other. If you are holding onto jealousy from the past, let go of it. You may have a good reason to have been jealous when they were together. They are no longer together, so you no longer have a reason for your jealousy. Let go of it, stop letting it infect the relationship you hold so dear. It makes no sense to let your present feelings be influenced by the past. Work on your issues, and don’t expect your soulmate to fix them for you. That is your job.

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