Has He Lost Interest In You and Your Relationship?

Has he lost interest in you and your relationship? Has he pulled away and lost interest in spending quality time or any time with you? Does your partner seem to have zero interest in what is going on with you these days and how that is affecting you? What happened to make your romantic interest lose interest in you, and can you get it back?

Has He Lost Interest In You and Your Relationship

   Has He Lost Interest In You and Your Relationship?


Sometimes in a relationship we become spoiled when someone is paying us a lot of attention. When they put their own life on the back burner and make you the center of their universe, it can be easy for them to put your life on the back burner too. We have a tendency to put the one we love first, but sometimes they want to always come first, and then lose interest in you. You have to show the one you love that you are a priority too. You can’t expect them to find you interesting if you are making it obvious that they come before you all the time.


With time, sometimes the excitement dissipates too. There are no new stories to tell and things feel a little stale. It is not that they have lost interest in you per say, it is more like they have gotten too comfortable with you. Try changing things up to bring the excitement back into your lives. If the romantic fires have been out for a while, take some time to date again. Don’t talk about the problems at work, and the day-to-day nonsense you must each deal with. Try reconnecting instead. Even if you have to talk about the past, and the fun you used to have, that is better than bitching about the broken dishwasher.


See if there are any concerts from bands the two of you liked from way back when. Go to a comedy club and laugh together again. It’s realistic for almost every relationship to hit a dry spell now and again. It takes an effort to keep the distance from growing, and if you don’t, you will only get further and further apart. You don’t want to wait until it is too late or until someone else has peaked their interest.


Think about who you were when you first met. Did you dress nice and make sure you were fresh with combed hair? Of course you don’t need to be dressed to the nines every time you see your partner, but it might not be a bad idea to dress and groom to impress now and again.


If you have been fighting a lot and it has created a lot of distance between the two of you, it might be a good idea to seek professional help. The distance won’t be fixed on its own, and if you two cannot figure out how to fix it, get some help from a professional.


On the other hand you could just be going through a rough patch. The one you love may seem as though they have lost interest in you, but they haven’t. They may be experiencing problems at work, lost their job or are going through a rough emotional experience. If they are trying to work through that, they simply cannot be there for you at the same time. Give them a reasonable amount of time to focus sorely on themselves so they come out of it. It they take way too long, address it at that point because they obviously cannot do it alone.


If someone seems to have lost interest in you, it doesn’t always mean the relationship will come to an end. It is a red flag for the two of you to do something about it and make your relationship better.

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