Has Your Soul Mate Made You Lose Your Mind?

Has your soul mate made you lose your mind? Are you having difficulty concentrating, controlling your emotions, or getting them out of your head? When we first encounter a soul mate, it feels like nothing you have ever felt before. It blows your mind, and your emotions kick into overdrive.


If your relationship is running smoothly, it is a feeling of total bliss. You don’t mind that you lost your mind. In fact, you may even be glad you have because it feels so good. You feel strong, you feel blessed. You love feeling like this. You are so thankful you met your soul mate. But, if your relationship is a rocky one, losing your mind is horrible. All you see is hopeless, you feel weak and you feel cursed. You hate feeling like this and wish you never even met your soul mate, at least some times.

Has Your Soul Mate Made You Lose Your Mind?

Has Your Soul Mate Made You Lose Your Mind?


Soul mate relationships are so intense and deep that the level of joy or chaos involved is very high. The negativity in one can be unbearable at times. We all know you love your soul mate like no other, but they can also hurt you like no other. Since the emotions involved with soul mate relationships are so uncontrollable, for many they can get out of control.


That level of emotion is not something most people are used to, and it is as if your mind shuts down and feelings take over. You feel as though you have lost your mind. You can lose your mind in a good way, or a bad way, with soul mates. It all depends on the partners themselves. If the soul mates are both coming from the same place of acceptance and willingness to make it work, they can look forward to a lot of joy and happiness. If they are coming from a place of fear, manipulation or are unwilling to honor their soul mate connection, here comes trouble.


In cases like this one soul mate loses their mind and acts out inappropriately. They may drop off the face of the earth. They don’t return texts, emails or phone calls. They may end the relationship abruptly with little or no reason whatsoever. They might make up a reason that has no reason at all. They may run back to an ex that they had a horrible relationship with. They may choose to stay in a relationship that doesn’t work for them.


This leaves the other soul mate horrified. Now it is their turn to lose their mind. Fear, depression and anxiety get to work and they find themselves doing crazy things as well. They can become obsessive, depressed, and feel as though they can barely function. Now both soul mates are on the wrong path and instead of progressing, they are on a downward spiral. If your soul mate has made you lose your mind in a bad way, it is time you took the bull by the horns. You need to find productive useful ways of dealing with their destructive behavior instead of self-destructing.


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