How to Get an Ex Out of Your Heart

Getting an ex out of your heart is easier said than done. When you love someone even though they have moved on, it is difficult to let your feelings go. They broke your heart when they left, and even after all this time, they still have a hold on it. You have tried everything, but your heart still belongs to your ex.


It’s one thing to still care about them but another thing entirely if you can’t love someone new. Is there any way to really get your ex out of your heart? There is no miracle pill to give you amnesia to forget them. There is no quick fix. It is going to take however long it takes. But you can do a few things to help you get your ex out of your heart.

How to Get an Ex Out of Your Heart

    How to Get an Ex Out of Your Heart


The first thing you need to do is learn to accept the past. You and your ex shared a love in the past, but you don’t in the present and you can’t count on the future. Think of it like a death in a way. You need to accept the loss and grieve it. You need to stop living in a world of what ifs. It won’t change things. Let go of regrets. They won’t change anything either. Learn the lesson and move forward. Allow yourself some time to gain acceptance and to put the past in the past. Stop clinging to it and let go.


Another way to get your ex out of your heart is to stop looking at them as perfect. Stop remembering or dwelling on only the good times. Stop daydreaming of how perfect things would have been if only you stayed together. That will only keep them in your heart. If you put them on too high a pedestal no other person can measure up. You will compare them to this image of your ex that you created, that doesn’t really exist.


Your ex was not perfect, so don’t remember them as only that. They had faults, and obviously your relationship had problems otherwise they would not be your ex. Be realistic. You feel in love with them, and can fall in love with someone else. Focus on both sides of the relationship you had with your ex, the bad and the good. If not, you will have your ex in your heart keeping someone new from having a chance with you.


Another way to get your ex out of your heart is to try to get them off your mind. Reminiscing, dwelling, and pining away for your ex will just keep your stuck. Give yourself some time to think the relationship through. Then, enough is enough. Discipline yourself to not give in to the temptation. Remind yourself that you don’t feel good when you do this. Don’t constantly talk about your ex to your friends, family, and who ever will listen. Keep them out of your conversations. It may take a while, but try your best and it will get easier over time.


Don’t get too ahead of yourself. You don’t have to be ok that your ex is gone. You just have to be ok today, with your life as it is. Start there, and eventually you will get your ex out of your heart enough to move forward and on with your life. If you don’t start somewhere, you will never get anywhere.

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