Is He Lying To You: How to Deal With A Liar

Is He Lying To You: How to Deal With A Liar

Is He Lying To You: How to Deal With A Liar

Lies in a relationship are like doses of poison. When you feel the person you love is lying to you, that seed of doubt quite often will grow and grow. You being to question everything they say and wonder if they are lying or telling you the truth. You don’t know what to believe anymore, even though you know what you want to believe. We all lie about little things here and there. We may say we like someones’ outfit when we don’t, we may say we like a meal someone spent a long time cooking when we thought it was terrible, and we may tell them we love their new haircut when in reality we cannot wait for it to grow out. These lies are considered acceptable, because we are being kind instead of critical. Those lies do not hurt a relationship and tear the couple apart, they actually keep the peace. But what about the more destructive types of lying in a relationship?

Your husband or boyfriend may be telling you he has been working late because he has a big project at work. Is he telling the truth? A psychic reading by phone, chat or email can spot the lies right away and tell you what he is really up to. You may have been cheated on before, and are highly suspicious that he is not really at work like he says he is. You may do drive byes at his workplace, call and hang up to see if he answers, and other spy tactics to satisfy your curiosity. If you get caught or let your insecurity bring out the worst in you, you could be the one that must begin to lie. You do not want to admit you do not trust them, so you feel you cannot admit your fears and the behaviors those fears brought about. You are keeping from him that you are checking up on him, and if he found out, he may not be happy. Lies by omission are still a form of lying. Instead of resorting to spy games, a relationship psychic reading can put your mind at ease and find out the truth for you with less risk. A psychic life coach will show if he is up to no good, or if your imagination and fears are getting the best of you.

What if you caught him cheating before? What if he promised you he would end the affair, and never talk or see her again? How do you know for sure he isn’t? How can you trust him at this point when right now all the trust you had for him is gone? Are you worried he may not have learned from his mistakes, or is going to repeat them? A psychic reading will spot the lies he is telling you and give you advance warning about what may be going on behind your back. Because you are a trusting person by nature, you may not have caught him in any lies because you believe he is as honest as you are. A relationship psychic reading online will reveal just how honest he really is. You do not want to be the last to know, you want to be one of the first to know. A phone psychic reading can reveal other lies as well. He may be lying by omission. He may not be telling you his feelings about you so you assume he does not have any. Well, a live psychic reading will be able to tell if he is lying by omission and actually feels more for you than he is letting on.

Sometimes an ex will say they just want to be friends, but do not want to reconcile. That could be a lie. You should know, before allowing a friendship with an ex, if they still have feelings for you, and live psychic readings will give you that information. Your husband or boyfriend may be talking to other women online, or checking out internet porn. Before it becomes a problem, get a live psychic reading by phone, chat, or email and nip it in the bud before it spirals out of control. Psychic life coaches Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will help you get to the truth. They will help you discover the deception of friends, lovers, co-workers and family. The truth may be hard to deal with, but lies are even harder to deal with. Find out the truth now and put a stop to all the lies.

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