Your Love is Making You Weak…Get Your Power Back

Love can make you weak at the knees, but what if your love is making you weak? Love should give you strength, not make you feel weak and depressed. Love should make you feel empowered, not powerless. When you love someone and the relationship is happy and healthy, you should draw strength from that relationship. You should feel you can accomplish anything so long as your romantic partner is by your side. The one you love should help to propel you forward, not hold you back. Love, with the right person, should make you feel more confident about yourself, and have a healthy ego. Love should not make you feel insecure or scared, and like you are walking on eggshells.

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Is Your Love Making You Weak?

If your relationship is not happy and healthy, your ego can take a direct hit. When you find yourself doing things that you know you shouldn’t, allowing behavior that you shouldn’t, and being mistreated and taken for granted, your love is making you weak. When you feel weak you withdraw into yourself. You become less outgoing and are afraid to take risks and chances. Your whole outlook can change from the wrong relationship. If your relationship is making you weak, you may carry around a sense of gloom and doom, attracting negative energy to all areas of your life. A psychic life coach can help you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and keep you from sinking in relationship quicksand. A relationship psychic can see where your relationship went off track, and what, if anything can be done to get it back on the right track.

Every time you let the one you love establish a pattern of behavior without contesting it and pushing back, they win. You have set in motion a dynamic where they are always getting things their way, and you are always having to sacrifice your own happiness for theirs. You lose, and you feel like a loser. They win, and feel like a winner and want to keep winning. When you have a strong relationship, you feel strong. When you have a weak relationship, love is making you weak. But how can you change a relationship that is in tatters when you have no strength, energy or personal power left? How can you fight for a relationship when you feel so beaten down that you have no chance of winning?

The bottom line is if your love is making you weak, one of three things has to, and will happen. Either nothing will be done and the relationship will end, you will do something about it and it will get stronger, or you will do something about it, and it will end. But you will come out the other side a stronger person. Which will it be for you? If you do nothing, your relationship will end. You need to do something in order for this relationship to survive. But what is it exactly that you need to do? Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are psychic life coaches and relationship experts who can accurately determine with a relationship psychic reading if something can be done, and if so, what you need to do to bring about change. The longer you leave it hoping by some miracle it will get better, the further it will deteriorate. Take the bull by the horns and allow these relationship psychics and life coaches to work with you to get your strength back and reclaim your personal power.

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