My Ex Broke My Heart, Now What Do I Do?

My ex broke my heart, what do I do now? My ex left me for another woman and it broke my heart? Will he come back?

My ex boyfriend broke my heart when he cheated on me, could I ever trust him again?

My ex broke my heart when he ended our relationship, how do I move on?

broken hearted over my ex

My Ex Broke My Heart, Now What Do I Do?

We get questions about exes almost every day. An ex can be out of your life, and the relationship over, but they still hold a place in your heart and your mind. How do you get over and ex that treated you so badly?

The first thing you should do is refuse to excuse their bad behaviors, deeds and words. They are all a part of who your ex really is. You know how people talk about their bad side and their good side? Well, when your ex broke your heart, you saw their bad side. A bad side is not just a fluke or temporary insanity. A bad side is just as important as someone’s good side. They are both a part of the make up of that human being. You may love your ex’s good side, but you can’t ignore their bad side. So many people put more merit on a persons good side, because they tend to see that side more often. However, one glimpse of someone’s bad side can completely negate almost everything about their good side. So, when looking at your ex, see them for both sides, and it might be easier to let go.

Not all exes remain exes. Some do in fact come back. But why bother taking them back if nothing gets any better. There is a reason, if it is a stupid one, why you broke up in the first place. One of you could have cheated or a silly little thing was blown out of proportion. Whatever the case, the reason for the break up needs to be addressed. Things need to change going forward or the same problem will still exist in your relationship. Don’t bother getting back with an ex if you are only going to break up for the same reasons over and over again. A healthy relationship cannot grow out of a dynamic like that.

If you are trying to move on from an ex, realistically expect that it may take a considerable amount of time to do so. Don’t make the mistake like many people do of rushing into another relationship too quickly. Rebound relationships never last and often wind up being people’s biggest mistake and regret. Until you have had time to heal from your experience with your ex, you are not in a place to build a relationship with someone new.

Your heart needs time to heal before you give your broken heart to someone else. It is also not up to someone else to fix your broken heart, that is up to you. You may not have broken it yourself, but you have to fix it yourself.

Your ex may have betrayed you but now wants another chance. Should you give them another shot to break your heart again? Should you believe them when they promise they will never betray you like that again? Can trust ever be rebuilt after a major betrayal? Rebuilding trust in a relationship is one of the hardest things you will every try to do. No matter how much the one who betrayed you tries to help, most of the work must be done by you. Ask yourself, and be honest with yourself it you are up to the challenge. There is no point to giving them a chance to earn your trust again if they really don’t stand a chance at getting it back. You may never be able to forgive them and open yourself up to them again. Sometimes the damage is far to great to fix.

When your ex has broken your heart, it is up to you to pick up the pieces of it one by one. Each day that goes by you will gain the strength and healing you need to open yourself up to love again. Whether it is with your ex or someone new, love will come into your life again, if you allow it.

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