My Soul Mate Broke My Heart

“My soul mate broke my heart, how can I move on?” is one of the top questions we are asked.

Those that have had a soul mate break their heart one time too many feel the need to put a stop to it at once. Now that makes perfect sense, but how they want to put a stop to it often does not. Everyone is different, and there is no one answer that could work for all soul mate couples. What most lean towards initially is to find a way to break their soul mate connection and move on. Good luck with that. You didn’t create it, and you can’t break it. What you can do is learn to deal with it differently. You can also change your perception of that connection to give you a new perspective. If your soul mate broke your heart, it does not mean you have to break the connection. So how should you handle a soul mate that broke your heart?

My SoulMate Broke My Heart

My Soul Mate Broke My Heart

The first step would be to look at exactly how they broke you heart. Did you give them the opportunity to do it? Let’s say you have a soul mate who is a runner. They come in and out of your life and come and go as they please. This situation has broken your heart each time it occurred. You have dealt with it one too many times and can’t bear the thought of it happening again because it hurts too much. So, your first thought is to break the connection, then he can’t do it to you anymore. Bad idea. Look at the situation again. Yes, he broke your heart, but you gave him the opportunity to do so every time you took him back.

Look at the pattern of his behavior. He leaves, comes back, then leaves again. It is his pattern of behavior. So, the next time your soul mate leaves, look at it realistically. Do you think he will return again? More than likely, because we are creatures of habit and we repeat our patterns. Why would you think it would be different this time? Removing your fear of him not returning lessens the pain and hurt of him leaving. Now when he follows his pattern and returns, what are you going to do this time? Look at your pattern of behavior. Your soul mate has looked at your pattern, and so should you. They have based their pattern on yours. If they see your pattern and believe you won’t find anyone else while they are gone and will take them back, why would they change their pattern? They wouldn’t. Only if you change your pattern will they have to change or adapt theirs.

So, instead of feeling bad because your soul mate broke your heart yet again, promise yourself you will do things differently from now on. This could be much more productive than trying to break your connection or move on. If you are willing to take them back if they are willing to come back, then you really don’t want to move on. You really just want your soul mate to come back.

It is so hard to ease the pain if a soul mate broke your heart. But instead of just focusing on the pain, look for ways to minimize the risk of it happening again. Look at the role you may have played, and what you can do differently going forward. This can help heal your broken heart and mend the relationship as well. Even if your soul mate broke up with you, you can survive it. Especially if reuniting is in the future.

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