Overlapping Relationships: Why Overlapping Relationships Dont Work

What is an overlapping relationship? One example would be when people realize their current relationship has hit a dead end and isn’t going anywhere but don’t end it. What they do instead is begin their search for someone new before they even ended their current relationship. Even if they don’t search, because they are so open to someone new and send out the signals, a new person falls into their lap. And a new relationship begins while the other one disintegrates and ultimately ends.


Overlapping Relationships: Why overlapping relationships is a bad idea


Many women and men have been shocked when their boyfriend or girlfriend ended their relationship and they didn’t see it coming. What shocks them further is how quickly their ex has moved on. The suspicion grows, and they wonder if their ex was already seeing this new person while they were still together. When they find out the relationships did overlap, they are double-y devastated. Not only was their relationship pulled out from under them, but they were cheated on to boot. They did not see it coming. Sure, things weren’t perfect between them but they didn’t think things were that bad either! If this has happened to you, you may want some details that your ex isn’t willing to give.


A psychic reading can give you those details, if you really need to know. Your ex may lie to you, but a psychic reading won’t. Quite often these overlapping relationships don’t work out, and the ex wants his old relationship back now that the new relationship didn’t work out. Is this going to be the case with your ex? Right now they may seem happy and everything is going great. But will it last? Should you move on yourself or wait it out?

Our psychic advisors will be more than happy to let you know what your options are, if there are any. There is a chance your ex may never come around, just like the chance is there that they will. If you would like to know instead of driving yourself crazy, give us a call, get a psychic reading, and get empowered again. If you are the victim of an overlapping relationship you worry that even if they do come back, can you ever trust them again? How do you know that this won’t happen again? Again, our psychic advisors can look into your situation and let you know what the future holds. What you do about it is up to you.

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