Why Do Guys Withdraw and Pull Back? Has he Withdrawn or Pulled Back?

Why do guys withdraw and pull back? Things are going great then all of a sudden they vanish into thin air. You may have spent a ton of time together, talked on the phone everyday or he at least texted you everyday and now he completely stopped. What causes men to withdraw and pull back so dramatically? Why does a man shower you with attention only to turn around and withdraw that attention? Men pull back and withdraw in relationships leaving you wondering what the heck is going on.

When you sense the man in your life has begun to withdraw or pull away, it can be a very frightening thing. You analyze everything you have said or done recently and cannot come up with a solid reason as to why the man you love has pulled back to suddenly and completely. Should you give him the space he seems to want or need, or should you call him on it? Is it better to let his withdrawing slide for now in the hopes he will come around again? Women and men have both been known to withdraw or pull back during a relationship, but in each case, the reason why may be different.

Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are well versed in answering “Why do guys withdraw?” and can give you the reason why your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife has backed off. Sometimes a man or woman can withdraw slightly, and you barely notice. Other times when they withdraw it can be sudden, abrupt and dramatic. Everything seemed to be going fine, and now this? Since each case is different, there is no fool proof way to handle when a man withdraws or pulls away, but a psychic reading can give you insight into how best to handle your unique situation. A relationship psychic reading can help you understand why the man in your life feels the need to withdraw and why he gives in to the impulse of pulling back. A psychic life coaching session can reveal if this is a sign of things to come, such as a permanent withdrawal or if this is just a minor bump in your relationship road.

Did your man withdrawn and pull back? Why do men withdraw and pull back?

Did your man withdrawn and pull back? Why do men withdraw and pull back?

Your knee jerk reaction may be to rethink every action and conversation, trying to figure out what the heck you did wrong and how to fix it. But what if you didn’t do anything wrong, and the reason they decided to withdraw and pull back has nothing to do with you? A relationship psychic reading by email or chat can tell you specifically what caused the one you love to withdraw their attention, affection, and emotion. Before you try and figure it out on your own, find out for sure and get the truth.

There are so many reasons a man may withdraw or pull away, and each person and situation is unique. It is a very scary feeling when you sense their withdrawal and feel the distance they have put between you. Many women and men can have a tendency to freak out and panic, which can actually make her or him withdraw and retreat even further. You can get angry, suspicious or become alarmed, but none of those reactions are for the greater good of your relationship. If you cannot ask him why pulled back  and created distance between you, a psychic reading will reveal it to you. The man you love may have withdrew his affections and time from you  because he is giving it to someone else.  Withdrawing and pulling back can often be signs of cheating.

Sometimes the necessary progression of relationships looks like he is withdrawing, when in reality, it is more as if he is “settling in”. The manic pace of the relationship at the beginning is not something he can sustain, so it must slow down to fit in with the reality of his life, and yours. There is no reason to panic, and nothing to worry about in cases such as this. However, many men love the beginning of a relationship, and the chase, and when they have caught you, they lose interest. If you want to know if his withdrawing and pulling away is no big deal, or a sign he is about to end things, get a psychic reading online and find out before it is too late.

Some men and women will withdraw because they just heard from their ex. The contact has caused old feelings and memories to resurface, and they become a bit distant and awkward around you. This may mean nothing, and the ex may not have intentions of getting back together and neither does he. However, a relationship psychic reading can tell you if one of both of them would actually like to get back together, and if they are going to make an attempt to reconcile, leaving you out in the cold.

In some cases, when feelings are coming on rapidly, instead of feeling euphoric, they get spooked. They lack control over the pace of the relationship, and do what they can to slow it down, by withdrawing or creating distance. Sometimes this is short lived, but other times this is relationship sabotage, and will cause the relationship to be stagnant. A psychic reading with Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can show you what he is thinking, feeling, why she or he is creating this distance (emotional or physical) and what you can do to make things better and run smoother for both of you.

There could be things going on in his life that are weighing heavily on him at this time, and he does not want to tell you about it. It could be that he is a secretive person, or it could be as simple as he does not want to trouble or upset you. A psychic reading can tell you what pressures, problems, or issues are making him withdraw, and how long it may take for him to deal with them and get back to normal. He could be a man that gets moody sometimes, and you need to accept that about him, learn to deal with it and stop worrying. A relationship psychic reading can help you handle it when he withdraws so no further damage is done.

If you are involved with a man who is pulling back from you, creating distance, or withdrawing from you, give psychic Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise a call.  They are accurate love psychics who are able to see the situation clearly and give you the knowledge and tools to make your relationship better, and keep things from getting worse. As psychic life coaches they can help guide you through the times when he withdraws and pulls away, and will help you understand the reasons why he withdraws in the first place.

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