Why Does the Universe Keep Testing You?

Why does the universe keep testing you? Why is it one thing after the other? Does it ever end? There is good news and bad news. Sadly, the universe does indeed keep testing you throughout your life. The good news though is that the quicker you passed the test, the easier on you it is.

Why Does the Universe Keep Testing You?

Why Does the Universe Keep Testing You?

Many people complain that it is always something, one test after the other, and they just can’t take another one. They want the universe to stop testing them before they lose their minds completely. What these people may not be seeing clearly is the actual lessonĀ that needs to learned. And if they can’t see it, they can’t learn it. If they can’t learn it, they can’t pass the test. And the cycle continues, over and over, each test often harder than the last one.

So how can you break the cycle? By passing the test on the first try, that’s how. You may be missing the point of the tests they are throwing at you. Until you find the point, you will continue to keep missing the point. And the testing goes on and on. You may be focusing on fixing a particular problem and even fix that problem but that may not have been the reason for the universe testing you in the first place.
To clarify, it may not be the problem that keeps occurring that needs fixing. What the universe may be looking for is for you to learn how to help avoid the problem. The universe may keep testing you with unexpected expenses that are causing you repeated hardship. Each time you scratch and scramble trying to stretch your money to make ends meet. And then it happens again, and you go through the same struggle. Over and over again. You ask yourself why the universe keeps testing you this way. Well, did you ever consider you have missed the point?

What if the universe wants you to change your spending habits? What if you eliminated some of your expenses? What if you created a budget and stuck to that budget? Then, if the universe tested you, you would have the extra money to pay for the unexpected expense. Maybe then you would have passed the test and not have to struggle. Perhaps then the universe wouldn’t feel the need to keep testing you continually.

The universe may be preparing you for something in the future, such as a severe financial obstacle you must overcome. Or, it could be for something positive you spend your money on for yourself or your family. Either way, the universe is testing you to create change, so why not do it?

It may also be happening in your relationships. If you are noticing the same problemsĀ keep repeating themselves over and over in your relationships, the universe may be testing you until you do things differently. If you keep handling your relationship problems the same way, the universe may keep testing you the same way. So why not approach the problem from a different angle? If you do, it could be your way of finally passing your relationship tests so you can put that lesson behind you.

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