Before Ending a Relationship: Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Ending a relationship should not be a decision based solely on your emotions at the moment.  When ending a relationship, there are important questions you should be asking yourself first. It is best to ask these questions when you are not overly emotional and are able to think clearly and appreciate the consequences of ending a relationship.  When we are considering ending a relationship, we need to look at why we are ending a relationship and if the reasons are valid and logical. So while you are feeling you should be ending a relationship, here are some questions you should be thinking about before you do. You don’t want to make the decision and then regret it later.

The first question you should be asking yourself is “Will this feeling pass”? Are you at an emotional high right now and are looking to end a relationship as a way to strike back? There are some areas that should be held sacred in a relationship when arguments or trouble arises.  We should not resort to simply ending a relationship to win a fight or to end the argument. In doing so, we disrespect the relationship, and never solve the issues, and one day the relationship will end for good.

Before Ending a Relationship: Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Before Ending a Relationship: Questions You Should Ask Yourself

The next question you should ask yourself is if what has transpired is a deal breaker. It is one thing to leave a relationship because the person has been unfaithful to you or committed some other horrific offense. It is quite another to break up with them because they won’t let you watch what you wanted on television or because you had a silly disagreement.  You don’t want to look back on a relationship with regret because you ended it over something small and insignificant. You may think you need to be ending a relationship when you may need to learn some lessons of your own. No one can be perfect. If you keep ending relationship after relationship because of little things you will wind up alone. You are not perfect either, and someone needs to accept you flaws and all. If the flaws do not or should not affect the relationship, then learn to deal with them. You could be throwing away some good relationships for no good reason.

The next question you should be asking yourself before ending a relationship is: Would you be happier with them or without them? If you would be happier without them in the long run, by all means end the relationship. If you are going to be miserable without them, then you would making a big mistake. Try and see what can be done to improve the relationship before you let it go.  Go with what you see the future would bring you if you continue this relationship. If it will bring you happiness, hang in there. If it will only bring you the same unhappiness it has brought you in the past and the present, best to let this one go. As life coaches, we know it is best to really think about what the future holds for the two of you before making such an important decision.

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