Signs Of a Cheater: Is He Cheating on You?


Is he cheating on you? Do you know the signs of a cheater? Many clients get psychic readings to answer the question of their husband or boyfriend, “Is he cheating?”.¬† Are there signs of cheating and cheaters that you should be looking out for? Yes there are signs of cheating, and here is a list of signs and red flags for you to watch out for:


1. You find condoms hidden in a place inside your home, where you usually have sex. You and your partner don’t use condoms, you may wonder, is he cheating?


2. Your husband or boyfriend no longer initiates sex, or their sex life has decreased dramatically. It is quite possible he is getting sex from someone else.


3. You sense an emotional distance between the two of you, and they no longer ask questions about you, your job, your feelings, and tend to keep physically away from you.


4. They spend more time at the office, with their friends or family, and seem not to care that the two of you are spending less time together. You may wonder if he really working, or is he cheating?


5. They begin to hide things from you that they did not before such as credit card bills,phones,phone bills, passwords to email, facebook and other accounts. They are not as open with information as they were before.


6. They leave the room, sometimes even the house when taking certain calls or reading and writing texts. They no longer leave their phone and or wallet out in the open.
7. They shower more than they did before, especially when they first get home, which is not normal for them.


8. They begin spending more time at the gym,buying new clothes, and paying more attention to their appearance.


9. Their clothes, car, etc smell like perfume or have an odor that you do not recognize.


10. They begin picking fights and don’t care if they get resolved or not.


11. If you begin getting hang up calls in an excessive manner. That combined with other examples on this list should not be taken lightly.


Not all signs of a cheater mean that your husband or boyfriend actually is cheating on you. These are red flags are for you to pay attention to, not ignore. A relationship psychic reading can tell you if cheating is going on, and if the one you love is being unfaithful. No one wants to know that they are being cheated on, but if you are, don’t you feel you have the right to know? Don’t be played for a fool, get a relationship psychic reading and find out if you are being cheated on or if you need not be concerned. Relationship life coaches Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will accurately and truthfully give you the information you seek that your husband or boyfriend may be trying to hide.

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