Feeling Rejection in a Relationship

Have you experienced feeling rejection in a relationship? Most people have felt rejection at one point or another in romantic relationships., even in relationships with family, co workers, and friends. So what should you do when the relationship you are in leaves you feeling constantly rejected? The first thing you should do is address this issue with your significant other. Don’t have this discussion while you are feeling overly emotional, try to wait until cooler heads can prevail.

Be specific with your partner about what they are doing and saying that brings on your feelings of rejection. Try and talk it out. They may not realize what they are doing and saying is making you feel that way. You may be able to reach a level of understanding on both sides. Your significant other may be willing to curb certain behaviors and stop staying certain things now that they know how you feel. You may understand that you were taking something they said or did the wrong way, and that their intention was never to hurt you. Going forward, with both parties more aware of the others feelings, things should go a lot smoother.

Feeling Rejection in a Relationship

Feeling Rejection in a Relationship

But what if you have already addressed this issue with the one you love and they refuse to make a change? This is where you are going to have to take a stand. Although you may want to continue being in a relationship where you constantly feel rejected, it simply isn’t going to work out. At some point you will lose respect for yourself, and your partner will have lost all respect for you.

Since you can’t love what you don’t respect, the relationship cannot go anywhere but down.┬áStand up for yourself. Don’t allow someone to constantly reject you while you keep chasing them, trying to get their attention or begging for their affection. If you have to, put some distance between you and the one you love and tell them why you are doing it. Let them know that your feelings of rejection are causing you to withdraw. This lets them know there are consequences to their actions and words. It also lets them know what it feels like, in a much smaller way, to feel rejected.

Sometimes this can help them understand what you are going through. And, if they really want you in their life, they won’t keep doing things that make you feel rejected. If they don’t stop, you are going to have found your own worth and build your confidence. Staying in a relationship like this will deplete you of self-confidence and you will remain in a dysfunctional relationship way too long, and for no good reason. Some people just will never feel guilty about hurting you, and will never feel remorseful for doing so. Be better to yourself than they are to you and refuse to put up with it any longer.


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