He is Not Sure of His Feelings

Has he told you he is not sure of his feelings for you and/or your relationship? Has the man in your life thrown you for a loop by announcing he no longer knows what his feelings are about your future together? How do you handle it when the man in your life is uncertain how he feels for you and if he wants your relationship to continue?

Sometimes when he says he is not sure of his feelings he knows exactly how he feels, and is attempting to manipulate you. Sometimes when a man wants to avoid making a commitment he will use that as an excuse to get out of it. There have been many instances where a man will use the excuse that he is not sure of his feelings when he has more than one woman in his life. He says he can’t choose which one he wants to be with until he is sure of his feelings. The one thing he knows for sure is this will buy him time with both women. Total manipulation on his part.

When a man (and all this applies to women too) has a pattern of on/off relationships, saying he is not sure of his feelings is his way out. This is all a bullshit excuse because the time has come to bail again. Whether he uses the on/off relationships as a way to see someone else or keep the relationship from growing, the fact is that it has nothing to do with feelings. It is an excuse they use that they think you cannot prove otherwise.

He is Not Sure of His Feelings

He is Not Sure of His Feelings

Of course the time will come when they are ready to come back, and just like magic, he will be sure of his feelings for you again. When they come back, you should turn the tables on them and tell them you are not longer sure of your feelings for them. You should use the same excuse that they did. But they are hoping you will have missed them so much and welcome them back with open arms. Anyone that uses that as an excuse to play emotional and mental games with you like that shouldn’t be welcomed back with open arms. They actually should be kicked to the curb.

Sometimes telling someone the truth seems too difficult, so the lie instead. They may have developed feelings for someone else, or want to get back with their ex. They may have lied about wanting a future in the first place. They may have been telling you what you wanted to hear. But now they want out. Instead of telling you the truth, which would make them look like the bad guy, they blame it on their emotions. This takes some of the responsibility off of them.

They can’t help what they feel or what they don’t feel right? Plus it puts some of the blame on you as well. Sometimes he will tell you they are not sure of their feelings as they begin their exit strategy. They don’t want to tell you the truth, so this is the excuse they use.

It is true as well that sometimes, over time, the flame of romance goes out. When you realize you see your romantic partner as more of a friend or roommate, you realize your feelings have shifted. They may not know if they want to get the spark going again, or even if they can. The only thing you can know for sure is that when a conversation like this comes up, it should be taken seriously. You need to keep your head on straight and be sure of what you want, and if you want to fight for your relationship, or if it is fighting a losing battle.

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