Is He the One for Me?

Is he the one for me? So many people call us asking if a particular person is the one for them. They want to know if the person is either the one for them or the right one for them. Knowing if someone is the right one for you, can really only be answered by you. As psychics, we can help you get information to answer that question for yourself, but we cannot really answer that question for you. It is an opinion, and only YOUR opinion counts, not ours.

There is a similar problem with asking the question if so and so is the one for you. We do not believe there is only one person on earth that can make you happy. It simply would not be fair. What if that person is not single, or doesn’t feel the same as you do? What if they pass away? You can love and have a happy, fulfilling relationship with more than just one person. You can even have more than one soulmate! So when clients ask the question “is he or she the one for me” it is difficult for us to answer. They may be a great opportunity for a long-term relationship, but they more than likely will not be your only option in this lifetime. We cannot read your entire life and tell you how many you will have, so it is best to focus on what choices you have in your life currently.

Is He the One for Me?

Is He the One for Me?

The universe gives everyone free will. People have their own personal journeys, and although they may cross paths and join together during that journey, for various reasons they may also separate. Someone who may have been the right one for you in the past, may not be the right one for you in the present. You both may have changed along the way and you no longer feel things are right between the both of you. Does that mean you both can never find another great relationship and connection with another person ever again? Of course not.

The universe will allow love to enter your life if you are willing to accept it. They won’t keep it from you, and only give you one shot at happiness. In most cases, it is our personal choices that dictate how many opportunities we have for the right relationship. If we continue to choose the wrong people, we lessen our chances to encounter the right kind of people. If we waste years, even decades, of our lives in dysfunctional relationships, we have less time to find happiness with those who would be better suited for us. Don’t allow the belief that there is only one right person for everyone.

Free yourself with the belief that if a relationship doesn’t work out, there is one for you out there that will. Don’t feel as though you have to stay in a relationship that at one time was the one for you, but no longer is not. Don’t limit your chances or choices by giving yourself only one option.

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