Is Your Relationship Out of Control?

Is your relationship out of control? Have things gotten so bad that you are afraid to tell your friends and family about it because you know what they will say? What do you do and how can you tell when your relationship has gotten out of control?

Here are some signs that can indicate your relationship is out of control.
1. If your relationship status changes with the wind your relationship is out of control. Breaking up and getting back together should be taken seriously and as a last resort. If you break up and get back together over nothing, or little things, or because one of you needs space your relationship is definitely dysfunctional.

2. If cheating is a recurring problem in your relationship, it is a clear sign things have gotten out of control. With cheating comes lying, and a complete breakdown of trust. Without trust, you have no foundation to build upon.

Is Your Relationship Out of Control?

Is Your Relationship Out of Control?

3. If you or the one you love gets angry way to quickly or to often, then they are not able to control their emotions. Communication is a key to a good relationship. If you are afraid to express yourself due to fear of repercussion or to avoid a blow up, your communication has gotten out of control. If you cannot communicate, you grow apart, and the relationship falls apart.

4. All couples argue here and there, and have disagreements of opinions. That is fine. What is not fine is when things get thrown at the wall (or at a person), threats are made, name calling or violence occurs. You can agree to disagree, but you cannot have out of control anger leading to broken objects, holes in the wall, or broken bones. If this kind of behavior goes on during your arguments then your relationship clearly is out of control.

5. If there is so much lying that you cannot believe a single word they say anymore, your relationship is out of control. A person’s word should mean something, and if your romantic partner’s word means nothing, then your relationship really has no respect or dignity. If you cannot trust a single word they say and they break every promise they give you then you cannot trust them at all. Without trust, again, you have nothing to build the relationship upon.

6. If excessive obsessiveness or jealousy is a part of your relationship, than your relationship is out of control. This kind of behavior only seems to get worse with time, and is a very dangerous red flag.

If your relationship is out of control you must first realize the only thing you are in control of is yourself. If your partner cannot get control of themselves, it may be time for drastic action, such as ending the relationship for good or giving them an ultimatum.

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