Relationship Misunderstanding – Common Relationship Misunderstandings

Relationship misunderstands happen all the time. Sure, some problems in relationships are actual problems and real issues. Sometimes though, what became a big problem or break up was really just a relationship misunderstanding. So what are some common relationship misunderstandings that happen between woman and men?

One of the most popular relationship misunderstandings is that women have an inner desire to make sure other people have what they need. They ask if anyone is hungry and would like something to eat and drink. Not because any one mentioned being hungry or because their stomach growled. They like to offer, and be the hostess. They bring this into many facets of their lives including relationships. Men on the other hand are more “If they wanted something they would say so, and then I would be happy to give it to them”. Men tend to wait for someone to ask, where women feel no one should HAVE to ask. You can see how this difference can create many a relationship misunderstanding. A woman would try and be light years ahead of the one she loves ever having to ask. She tries to anticipate his desires, wants and needs in advance. Many guys on the other hand will wait til she says something first.

psychic life coach relationship misunderstandings

Relationship Misunderstandings

Now to many women, she should have to ask. A man, if he cares about her, should know what he should offer, and anticipate and fulfill her wishes before she speaks them.  Some women are disappointed or hurt because she “hates to have to ask” and feels like if she has to ask, then it means nothing or very little. Many women will actually make a point of not asking or saying anything to test a man to see just how clairvoyant and in tune with her he is. And since he does not readily offer, she gets angry and hurt. This was all a relationship misunderstanding and in many cases no true reflection of how the man really feels about her.  So ladies, it is time to speak up. Then, after you have spoken up, you can just how he reacts to what you said. And for men, keep in mind most ladies hate to ask, so be a bit more conscious of the fact she may be waiting for you to offer. Men gripe all the time about women wanting them to be mind readers. To a certain degree they have a valid point. They are not mind readers, so don’t force them to have to have a skill that they don’t have. Let him know what is on your mind and what you want first before you get upset.

Another relationship misunderstanding is found in the discussion of feelings, or lack of discussion about feelings. Many women find it very easy to talk about their feelings and express them all the time. Every day. Talking about feelings is usually very comfortable to women. They discuss them with their friends, family, co-workers, hair stylist, you name it. Guys? Not so much. They may discuss some sporting event with their friends, family and co-workers but feelings for the most part are taboo. Since they don’t speak about them as often, they are not as comfortable in many cases as a woman would be. Think about it like this: If Spanish was your native language, you would speak it fluently and easily, right? Of course. But if it was your second language, it would not be as fluent and would be more challenging. Think of expressing feelings as many woman’s native language yet many guys second language.

That is just a few of the many relationship misunderstandings that occur between men and women. Sarah Adelle and Sophia Elise are certified life coaches specializing in love, relationships, twin flames and soul mates. If you have had a relationship misunderstanding and want to know if as a couple you can get past it, get a psychic relationship reading with Sarah Adelle and Sophia Elise.

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