Timing in Relationships – Why The Timing May be Wrong

Relationships and good timing to not always go together. You may find yourself drawn to someone that recently got into a relationship and the timing was off. You may have gotten married only to find out the man of your dreams had a thing for you, but waited until after you got married to let you know. There may be some really great guys that you normally would love to go out with, but because you are nursing a broken heart, the timing is bad. Why is it that love and relationships often come with bad timing? Why can’t your love life fall into place instead of fall apart because the timing is all wrong? Sometimes it is all in how you look at things, because the timing could actually be right, but you see it as wrong.

Timing in Relationships - Why The Timing May be Wrong

Timing in Relationships – Why The Timing May be Wrong

What if what looks like bad timing couldn’t come at a better time? Many times in relationships, when we settle down, we start to “settle”. We would rather have something, than have nothing. So we stay in relationships that no longer serve us. As we grow, the relationship grows apart, til we barely know the person we are involved with. Sometimes we need a wake up call, and the universe gives it to us in the form of a new love interest. We may not have seen how empty of romance and love our relationship actually is. The new sparks we are feeling are that wake up. That doesn’t mean you should start a relationship before you finished your old one. You shouldn’t be looking for a future with someone else til you have dealt with your present. What looked like bad timing was actually a the universe waking up things inside you that were dormant.
You may be engaged and about to be married when an ex comes calling out of the blue and you think what lousy timing this is. But is it? Or is it the universe trying to keep you from making a mistake and marrying the wrong person? Your ex may not be the one you end up with if you call off your wedding, but maybe the universe needed to bring your ex to you to keep you from making a mistake. Think about people that avoided accidents or death thinking because of bad timing. At the last minute, right before work, your childs school called saying they were sick. You think your child has the worst timing, but then find out later there was a fire at your office. Now you see how that “bad timing” was actually a good thing. The same holds true with relationships.
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