Why is He Not Calling Me Back?

Why isn’t he calling you back? You wait. You check your phone constantly but no call. You wonder “Why isn’t he calling me back?” and wonder when he will call. You have left message after message and yet he doesn’t return your calls. You are tired of waiting. At first, you figured he must just be very busy.  You begin to wonder if he didn’t get your messages or if there is something wrong with his phone or yours. Then you began to wonder if something bad happened to him, or in his life in general. After that, you started going back through everything you said and did trying to figure out what you did wrong. You come up blank. Finally, you got really, really pissed off.  Now a different series of questions come to mind:

1. Why is he not calling me back, when I didn’t do anything wrong or to deserve just being ignored.

2. Is this his way of breaking up with me? Is he really this much of a cowardly bastard he can’t tell me to my face?

3. What happened? I thought everything was going so well and he led me to believe he thought so too. Why would he just drop off the face of the earth like this?

4. Did he meet someone else? Did he go back to his ex? Is he not calling me back because some other woman has his interest?

Why is He Not Calling Me Back?

Why is He Not Calling Me Back?

5. Is this really how he is? I thought he was a nice guy! How can someone be this cruel to someone else?

6.  Should I leave him another message and tell him what I think of him and just end things myself? Should I tell him if I don’t hear from him right away that it is over?

7. Could there be any reason on earth that would excuse his behavior? I don’t want to go off on him or end this when he has a valid reason.

8. What should I do or say if he does call me back? Hear him out? Let it go to voicemail? Block his phone number? Change my number?

9. Is this over? Will I ever hear from him again? Where do I go from here?

10. Does he feel bad about not calling me back? Does he feel guilty in any way shape or form?

This scenario and these questions are more commonplace that you may think. It happens to women all the time, and they all want the answers to questions such as these. But how can you get them if you are not getting a return call? Without him calling you back, how will you ever know or get closure? A psychic life coach can help you get the answers you seek, the closure you may need, or tell you the best course of action you should take. Instead of waiting around for HIS call, why not make a call of your own and get guidance with a Sarah and Sophia.


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