Soul Mate Connections -Can you Disconnect From A Soul Mate?

Soul Mate connections are so strong and so overwhelming many people feel as though they are powerless and out of control. When a soul mate relationship experiences the trials and tribulations common to soul mate relationships, the connection can feel like a curse. Your brain is telling you to let go, stay away, and save yourself from the heartbreak, heartache and pure insanity and to not look back. Your soul, on the other hand, along with your emotions cannot seem to let go no matter how hard you try. Are these soul mate connections permanent? Are they manageable when your soul mate behaves in a way that does not honor your connection? What do you do when a soul mate connection needs to be broken?

Soul Mate Connections -Can you Disconnect From A Soul Mate?

Is it possible to break a soul mate connection?

The first step to disconnecting your soul mate connection would be to face the facts. If your soul mate does not wish to speak to you, be around you, or be in a relationship with you that is healthy, you need to respect yourself enough, and the connection, by accepting those facts. Connections will not make a relationship run smoothly. Connections with soul mates with not make the relationship last forever. Connections can not learn the lessons we need to learn for us, we must do that as individuals. Connections can help give us the strength to learn the lessons we need to learn and better ourselves through change. They can also be used to learn bad behaviors, create negative patterns, and change for the worse IF we allow our soul mate to dishonor our soul mate connections. For instance, if you allow your soul mate to treat you with disrespect, you create a pattern of allowing bad behavior. You allow your soul mate to change YOU for the worse. That is not what soul mate connections are for. Just like anything, they can be used for good, or used for bad. If your soul mate is using you connection in a negative way, it is time for you to disconnect.

You must step away from the interactions that are negative. You must not engage in dysfunctional behavior and use your soul mate connections as an excuse. You must create healthy boundaries to honor your soul mate connection, even if your soul mate won’t. If you do not have faith in your soul mate connection to last by taking a stand then how can you justify the connection is so strong it forces you to do the wrong things? It is your choice, just like it is your soul mates, to determine what this connection brings you. If it is not bringing out the best in you, by empowering you, then you need to take a step back.

Sarah and Sophia have dealt with numerous soul mate connections that clients have had difficulties with. They have assisted many people to get a grip on the power that connection has, and to help them regain a feeling of control when their relationship was out of control.

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