Soul Mates and Twin Flames – What’s a Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

Soul mates and twin flame relationships are the kind of deeply intimate and deeply spiritual relationships that many people yearn for. If you are one of those people that has been searching for your soul mate or twin flame, you are not alone. Soul mates and Twin flames are popular terms but many people are not exactly sure of the difference between the two nor what they really are. Hollywood, of course, has it all jacked up and hyped up, presenting these types of relationships through silly romantic comedies as well as more dramatic movies and do not really portray them realistically. But how exactly do you know if you have met your soul mate or twin flame romantic partner in this lifetime? There is always a very profound connection with soul mates or twin flames, that might defy logic or reason because of a karmic connection that exists between you. This means you have contracted with them, before you were both born, to have certain experiences, overcome challenges and experience personal growth as a result of having them in your life. When you meet a soul mate or twin flame you will begin a journey of personal transformation that may totally rock your world.. in some good ways, of course, but also in some ways that you will find difficult and challenging as you must address issues within yourself reflected back to you that need addressing at that particular moment in your life. Soul mates and twin flames will appear in your life, perhaps when you least expect it, but also at the time when you most need the personal growth and expansion in your life that one of these relationships most surely will bring.

Soul Mates and Twin Flames - What's a Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

Soul Mates and Twin Flames – What’s a Soul Mate or Twin Flame?


There seem to be many soul mates and twin flames relationships on the planet right now and again this makes sense as we are all evolving and growing to higher spiritual awareness and personal growth. When you find yourself in a soul mate relationship, rest assured that the lesson will most surely come at some point in that relationship. There are more twin flame relationships on the planet now than there ever have been but even with that statement the number of true twin flame relationships is not that many. Twin flame relationships can be quite different from soul mate relationships in that the painful personal growth has very often already occurred as a result of being in one, or several, soul mate relationships prior to meeting a twin flame, although that is not always the case. The biggest difference between  soul mates relationships and twin flames relationship is that the growth that occurs from a twin flame will be nurturing supportive growth, while that of a soul mate can be difficult and at times personally traumatic – although not always the case.

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