Treated Like a Doormat: Stop Being Treated Like A Doormat

Why are you being treated like a doormat by other people? Why are you allowing yourself to be treated like a doormat in your relationships? Most people try to abide by the golden rule, where we do unto others and we would have them do unto us. We make an…

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Emotionally Unavailable Men with Emotionally Available Women

Emotionally Unavailable Men are Unavailable For a Real Relationship

Emotionally unavailable men are very difficult to be with. You may be emotionally available to him but he  is emotionally unavailable to you. A relationship like this can be quite challenging.  This situation happens quite a bit when it comes to matters of the heart. When one we love is…

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Taken For Granted: Are You Being Taken For Granted?

  Do you feel you are being taken for granted in your love life, with your family or at work? Are you taking anyone in your life for granted? All of us at one point or another are taken for granted or take someone else for granted. It is not…

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