Has He Lost Interest In You and Your Relationship?

Has He Lost Interest In You and Your Relationship

Has he lost interest in you and your relationship? Has he pulled away and lost interest in spending quality time or any time with you? Does your partner seem to have zero interest in what is going on with you these days and how that is affecting you? What happened to…

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Why Won’t He Spend Time With Me?

Why Won't He Spend Time With Me?

Why won’t he spend time with me? Why doesn’t he understand our need to spend time together? Doesn’t he miss me as much as I miss him?   These are questions that many people find themselves asking when the one they want to spend time with has little or no…

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Why They Don’t Feel Bad for Hurting You

Why They Don't Feel Bad for Hurting You

Does he or she feel bad for hurting you? They say they are sorry, and they say they never want to hurt you, but they did. And to make it worse, they keep on hurting you! How are you supposed to accept their apology and believe they don’t want to…

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Feeling Neglected in Your Relationship Emotionally or Physically?

Are you feeling neglected in your relationship? Are you a couple yet still feel lonely quite often? Has your emotional or physical needs from your partner been completely neglected? Can you turn things around in a relationship like this?  If your feelings are being dismissed and your thoughts are not…

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