Twin Flame – Signs you’re in a Twin Flame Relationship

Many people can confuse a soul mate relationship for a twin flame one, but usually not the other way around. A twin flame relationship is NOT a soul mate relationship on steroids. Soul mates can run from each other during the course of the relationship, and that is usually part of the soulmate relationship challenge that must be overcome.. but this will rarely if ever happen between twin flames. When twin flames meet, 99% of the time they know they are meant to be together, the end.

Sex is NOT so important in this relationship as you will build a bond with each other at a different level – a higher level – a spiritual level because it is a spiritual relationship – you may not have sex for quite some time as you are build other aspects of your relationship – the sex will really be the icing on the cake of a twin flame relationship.

Twin Flame - Signs you're in a Twin Flame Relationship

Twin Flame – Signs you’re in a Twin Flame Relationship

In a twin flame relationship, neither one of you are dependent on the other for your sense of self and there is no obsessing over the other, even during the times you are apart. Your connection does not make you feel controlled or out of control, it makes you feel at peace instead.

Your feelings for each other are spiritual and you are both aware there is a spiritual purpose for you to be together and you both respect that and are grateful and thankful for it.

There are no restrictions within the relationship – there is no need to control the other or have any lack of faith or trust in them. There are no real insecurities or worries in a twin flame relationship, because a twin flame relationship is coming from a place of love, not fear.

Both of you know without a doubt you were brought together for a reason and a purpose and are not afraid of it or the strong bond. Twin flames will NOT run from each other.

The relationship has a deep sense that you have come together for a higher purpose than just having a cool relationship with great sex. This is the kind of relationship where you work together for the purpose of serving others, or mankind, in some way.

Once a twin flame relationship is in play, it is almost impossible to end it or break it because you are brought together by divine purpose and divine plan


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